Steven Rinella, of the Sportsmans Channel’s “MeatEater”


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Steve Rinella

“I recently spent a couple days shooting with David Amick and E.C. Owen, of Carolina Custom Rifles, and I quite honestly quadrupled what I know about rifles and marksmanship. Up until then, I’d accumulated most of my knowledge and opinions through good ol’ fashioned trial and error – mostly on my own. Some of what I figured out has been right, but a lot of it has been dead wrong. Not only did the boys at CCR help me work through some bad habits and misconceptions about everything from shooting to cleaning, but they did so by giving me first-hand instruction with a rifle that they put together in accordance with my personal hunting style. David took the time to talk to me repeatedly about my needs in the field — I backpack hunt in rugged environs for everything ranging from antelope to Dall sheep to Elk — and he helped me work through the various high-end components and loads that would combine to make me a accurate and exceedingly usable piece of gear. The rifle shoots accurately and consistently and handles beautifully. I was shooting tighter groups at 250 yards with my CCR than I’ve ever shot at 100 yards with factory rifles. And while David would probably cringe at me calling my new .7mm Rem Mag a meat stick (It’s quite gorgeous, after all) I know that I’ll be feeding my family with this rifle for a long, long time.”

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