Our Story

Our Story

Although Carolina Custom Rifles has officially been on the scene since February 2008, its roots date back nearly 40 years ago, when David Amick was introduced to his great-grandfather’s Winchester 22 as a young boy in Batesburg, SC.  From shooting matchsticks, paper plates, and tin cans, to squirrels and other small game, David fell in love with nature and hunting and eventually began stretching that Winchester 22 to its limits.  It was those limits that sparked a lifetime pursuit in long range ballistics.

Meanwhile, Partner “EC” Owen’s love of hunting, albeit just as passionate as David’s, grew out of necessity rather than hobby.  Growing up poor in Brevard, NC, EC and his family didn’t have much but one another, and they quite literally relied on the fruits of their hunts for survival.

Life’s journey led them each through many adventures: David won a 2000 Motorola Cup championship, was Sales & Marketing director for the family business Amick Farms, and initiated the creation of “hands-on adventures” for terminally ill children with the Believe in Tomorrow Foundation, where he currently serves on the board.  EC’s high-profile military career in the Air Force earned him numerous honors, including several distinguished flying crosses and a Purple Heart.  He’s spent thirty-four years at Michelin, where he is a Project Manager, allowing him incredible opportunities, including visiting 21 different countries.

Eventually, the paths of David and EC crossed, and a lifelong bond and business partnership was born over a shared love of hunting & gunsmithing.

Just like you, they’d been frustrated with factory inaccuracy and have missed their share of “wall hangers” over the years.  Also like you, they wanted dependability and the ability to shoot that trophy consistently at long range.  They had a passion to learn and study ballistics and long range marksmanship – which led to creating custom rifles and sharing that passion with others.

Balancing future demand with a passionate hands-on build is essential for them and is what separates Carolina Custom Rifles from the competition.  The CCR duo has over 30 years of gunsmithing experience, the best in-house equipment and resources to consistently repeat ½” MOA or better rifles, and an unmatched commitment to creating a top-quality custom rifle.