Why buy a custom rifle?
When you buy a factory rifle, you hope it shoots. When you buy a custom rifle it looks the way you designed it, it fits you, its components are of the industry’s best, it comes with ammo formulated and made for your rifle, and it is guaranteed to shoot. If most of your shots are less than 100 yards you can get by with most factory rifles. But if your desire is to take responsible long range shots then your groups better be tight and your equipment reliable.

How long will it take to get my rifle?
Usually 9-12 months. Wish I could be more specific but I don’t make the stocks and they typically are 6-8 months according to the company.

What is the average price?
$4295 is our starting price. And what is added to your rifle is up to you. Our average rifle is around $4800-$5000 after options are added.

Does it come with a scope?
No sorry. There is not a scope allowance in the base price. We are a dealer for Nightforce, Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski, and Vortex but can get you any brand you prefer. We’re in the optic business to help you make the right decision for your hunting needs, to make sure the optic reliability matches the CCR, and hopefully to save you some money.

What actions/barrels do you use?
We use Stiller Predator and Borden actions primarily matched with Hart barrels. Like a Chef, when you get a recipe that your customers love and you are guaranteeing the accuracy, you like to stick to what’s working.

Do you have any guns in stock?
Most of the time no. Occasionally we have a customer that has to back out after the build is complete. Unfortunately, they lose their deposit but it creates an opportunity for someone to get a CCR quick.

Do you do gunsmith work?
When we have time. Lately our custom rifle orders have taken priority so we can’t do a lot. Never hurts to ask though and see how we stand.