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CCR Goat

I want to report to you that your rifle was a complete success.  I hit my goat at 458 yards and dropped him dead!  Attached are a few pictures of my Billy.  I told my guide before the hunt that I hadn’t practiced outside of 300 yards!  Of course we come to to a great […]

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Steven Rinella, of the Sportsmans Channel’s “MeatEater”

Steven Rinella, of the Sportsmans Channel’s “MeatEater”

“I recently spent a couple days shooting with David Amick and E.C. Owen, of Carolina Custom Rifles, and I quite honestly quadrupled what I know about rifles and marksmanship. Up until then, I’d accumulated most of my knowledge and opinions through good ol’ fashioned trial and error – mostly on my own. Some of what […]

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“Well-built, Shoots Straight and Accurate”

“I want to give a testimonial about the wonderful rifle I got from Carolina Custom Rifles. It was well-built, shoots straight and accurate. I’ve killed 2 elks with it myself, 3 white-tailed deer. Several others have used it and they just love it. I really like the trigger. I just love the way the whole […]

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“I Have a New Respect for the Art of Gunsmithing”

“I recently purchased a 25-06 CCR rifle from David Amick. I must admit I was skeptical about custom rifles and not a great shot, but went there to try out some different calibers. The 25-06 seemed underpowered from what little I knew, but David’s custom ammo obviously added something. After I drilled out the bulls-eye […]

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“Fell as if It Were Struck by Lightning”

“My first kill with my new CCR 270 fell as if it were struck by lightning.” Charlie Walters N. Myrtle Beach, SC

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“Thanks for Building a Perfect Rifle”

“David, I wanted to tell you about the doe I shot the day before my shoulder surgery. She came out at 100 yards; I let my friend who was hunting with me shoot one at 180 yards. Both deer where hit precisely where the hunters were aiming and didn’t move. Hope to have some long […]

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“Continues to Impress Me with its Constant Accuracy”

“EC – I want to thank you and CCR Rifles for the following rifles that you have built for me – the 6/284 has produced a string of 18 one shot kills on deer and it’s shooting 1/4″ to 1/2″ at 100 yards all day long! the 25 utra has produced and shot at 600 yd […]

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“It is the Accuracy that I am Most Pleased With”

“David, I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I am extremely pleased with the rifle you built for me. The fit and finish and overall looks of the rifle are excellent but it is the accuracy that I am most pleased with. So far I have made 2 shots that I could […]

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“Thoroughly Impressed with the Customer Service”

“Thoroughly Impressed with the Customer Service”

Carolina Custom Rifles: more than just a company selling custom rifles. I expected quality, accuracy, dependability but was thoroughly impressed with the customer service. David Amick and E.C. Owen took the time and walked me through what goes into a custom rifle and the differences between “custom” and “off the shelf”. Some may claim to […]

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“The Finest Firearm I Have Ever Owned”

“I have been a serious hunter for over 20+ years. And this past year I received my CCR and it is by far the finest firearm i have ever owned. I was fortunate to harvest several nice bucks with it this year, both in AL and TX. The performance of this rifle was far beyond […]