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One moment. One shot. One rifle.

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Welcome to Carolina Custom Rifles

Straight shooting is why you are here, so we’ll begin by talking to you in exactly that way.  We are passionate about hunting and building long-range precision rifles.  We are not the biggest custom rifle company nor do we want to be:  that’s what sets us apart from our competition.  We design, build, and fire every rifle to insure its dependability and accuracy.   We select the industry’s leading components and meticulously craft each gun to ½” MOA or better performance using our custom loads that we pass on to you.

Carolina Custom Rifles guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back.  It’s simple:  if we wouldn’t hunt with it, it’s not for sale.

From time to time we have in-stock inventory, but the majority of our guns are created by listening to your needs and desires and building a rifle that is tailored just for you.

That trophy seldom walks out at 100 yards, gives you a minute to shoot; and stands broadside in full sunlight.  Our desire is for you to grab that one rifle – your Carolina Custom Rifle – for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.  A rifle that is as pleasing to look at as it is to shoot… and instills confidence when it’s game time.  No other custom gun builder will give you better accuracy for long range hunting and long range shooting!  Contact us today and we’ll discuss together how to create your CCR so you can take your best shot.


“Carolina Custom Rifles: more than just a company selling custom rifles. I expected quality, accuracy, dependability but was thoroughly impressed with the customer service….”

Rodney Hicks