Our Purpose

Our Purpose

“Building an awesome rifle, shooting sub-moa groups, and seeing someone smile because now they feel confident shooting farther than they ever thought they could, I take great pride in. Building rifles is a blessing.  And although it is our craft, it is not our purpose, it is not where our ‘crosshairs’ are focused.

CCR is not my business. It exists and operates to be a platform for the building of His Kingdom.  Jesus is my CEO. It is Him that I serve and it was Christ’s blood that was shed for all of us.  It is why the ‘C‘ in our crosshairs is red.   It is a constant reminder of how much He loves us and how everything in our life lines up as long as we keep our “crosshairs” focused on Jesus.  At a minimum, 10% of the proceeds received are donated or tithed to where He leads us to sow.  I think He appreciates a great rifle and shot.  But I know He delights in a heart that is touched.  It is those rewards and joy that CCR is focused on.

God Bless and ‘Stay Focused!’”

-David Amick

CCR Principal