Custom Rifles & Pricing

Custom Rifles & Pricing

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Our Standard Rifle in the Caliber of your Choice

Nothing built will be any better than its foundation.  That’s why at CCR we start with the industry’s best custom actions.  We use primarily Stiller Predator actions for our rifles.  But can discuss others if you desire. All are meticulously built to extreme tolerances and are far superior to factory actions – even after blueprinting. Then we pair the action of your choice to a matchgrade, stainless Hart or Lilja barrel after your contour, caliber, and any extras are completed.  We use primarily H-S Precision, McMillan, and Manners stocks but can discuss other options if desired.  BDL bottom metal is standard coupled with your choice of Timney or Jewell triggers.  We adjust and test the triggers to your desired weight, with most set between 2-2.5#’s.  The rifle is bead-blasted matte finish and comes with a set of Talley mounts. During barrel break-in/testing, your custom load is developed and includes 20 rounds of ammo along with load data.  With our ammo we guarantee 1/2 MOA or better or it’s simply “not for sale.”

Your standard Carolina Custom Rifle includes:

  • your input and vision
  • Stiller Predator action (engraved with our name)
  • Hart matchgrade stainless barrel (bead-blasted matte finish)
  • H-S Precision, McMillan, or Manners stock (depending on type and model price may vary)
  • Timney trigger (adjusted 2 – 2.5 #s)
  • Custom load development and load data
  • 20 rounds of ammo
  • Hard Case and shipping
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Standard price:  $4795.00



Stiller action (included)

Borden action: +  $250


Call to discuss. The options are endless!


Straight Flute/Traditional: + $175

Skip/Interrupted: + $245

Helical/Twisted : + $245

Muzzle Brake: + $225 (with Vias brake)

Custom Engraving on Barrel:  $75


Timney trigger (included)

Jewell trigger: + $175

Paint and Coatings

Call and we’ll discuss

CCR Headquarters:  803-532-1468